Reminiscing on Vietnam and Vlog.

We picked Vietnam as our destination for this trip after having great recommendations for it. We had also read that we would need to be careful as scams against tourists are common. Online it seemed to be a love or hate destination. Overall we found the positives far outweighed any negatives and I really enjoyed my time here even if it was far too short.P1020228 1P1020546 1


The only time I felt scammed was when we got pulled over on our motorbike in Mui Ne. We were also pretty unlucky with the weather whilst we were over there which was slightly disappointing but that couldn’t be helped.

There is some beautiful scenery in Vietnam and although this was the side of things we didn’t get to see enough of due to our hectic schedule, what we did see caught my interest particularly in Mui Ne at the sand dunes and Fairy Stream and especially on our cruise through Halong Bay.P1020290 1P1030233 1

Beyond that I was impressed with some of the cities we stayed in. I got such great vibes from both Hanoi and Hoi An and loved chilling and wandering along the streets whilst in both of them.P1020465 1P1020623 1

The other main highlight of the trip was the cuisine. We experienced this is so many ways whether at smarter restaurants in Mui Ne, on our cooking class in Hoi An, a street food market in Ho Chi Minh or on our street food tour in Hanoi. My favourites that I think everyone should try are pho, banh mi, bun bo nam bo and of course egg chocolate.P1020422 1P1020696 1

I really enjoyed taking the train to get around the country (although this was hampered by the weather) as a cheaper alternative to flying but a more comfortable option to a bus. An overnight train is a must do experience at least once whilst there and as an added bonus means you save money on a hotel for the night.

I would highly recommend Vietnam and I strongly feel the urge to return both to revisit areas in more detail and head to new places like up north in the Sapa region, the caves and waterfalls in the National Parks and Phu Quoc for some chilled, beach time. For now here is a round up video of our trip.

Where was your favourite place to visit in Vietnam? Did you fall in love with the country?

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